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“Unique” is a term often used to describe various events around the world, yet it’s really the only adjective that feels appropriate for DreamHack.

That’s because DreamHack is about games, high-speed Internet, eSports, international tournaments, enthusiasm, communication, digital culture and entertainment, all mixed in a hypnotizing festival that each year offers a unique experience to those who cross its doors.

Regardless if you’re watching the live concerts or holding your breath during the high-stakes eSport tournaments, DreamHack has something for everyone.


Hosted annually since 2012, DreamHack Bucharest brings to Romania the best professional gamers from around the world, in tournaments where fans can watch them in action on stage or even in the eSport area.

Moreover, players and teams from Romania have the chance to go up again opponents of world renown and prove that electronic sports are truly a phenomenon that must not be ignored.

Besides that chance to see their favorite players in action, DreamHack Bucharest visitors can always expect public tournaments, raffles, special offers from our partners and plenty of fun.

In short, a unique experience you have to live in order to fully understand it.