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About the event

Q: When and where will DreamHack Bucharest 2014 take place?

A: The dates you need to mark on your calendar are April 26 – 27.

Q: What’s the address for Sala Polivalentă?

A: Calea Piscului Nr. 10, sector 4, Bucharest.

Q: Is there any subway station nearby?

A: Yes, Constantin Brâncoveanu (M2).

Q: Can I record the event and / or take pictures?

A: Absolutely, visitors are free to photograph and record as much as they please in areas where they are allowed access.


About the tickets

Q: How much does a ticket cost?

A: Prices, as well as purchasing instructions for international visitors, are available on ComputerGames Shop.

Q: Will I be able to buy tickets at the venue as well?

A: Yes, certain ticket types will be available for purchase at Sala Polivalentă during the whole event.

Q: Will VIP tickets be available for purchase at the venue?

A: No, VIP tickets can only be purchased online, while there still are available seats.

Q: A 1-day ticket can be used anytime during the weekend?

A: Yes, 1-day tickets can be used either on Saturday or Sunday.

Q: Do 1-day tickets have to be used on the same day they’re bought from the venue?

A: No, a 1-day ticket purchased from the venue on Saturday can be used for Sunday if you so desire.

Q: Do I have to print the tickets in color?

A: No, but the barcode on the ticket needs to be clearly visible so it can be scenned at the venue entrance.

Q: Do visitors with disabilities have to buy a ticket?

A: No, visitors with disabilities will have free entry.


About the tournaments

Q: What games will be featured at DreamHack Bucharest 2014?

A: The up-to-date tournaments list can be found here, but keep in mind that it’s constantly updated, so check back every now and again to see what other titles have been announced.

Q: If I have just a visitor ticket, can I participate in the mini-tournaments for game X?

A: No. In order to be eligible for registration in a visitor-tournament you will need a competitor / visitor ticket.

Q: Does the competitor / visitor ticket grants me access to the Player’s Lounge?

A: No. The Player’s Lounge is reserved for Pro players, members of the press and VIP ticket holders.

Q: Can I register in multiple tournaments with a single competitor / visitor ticket?

A: No. The competitor / visitor ticket only grants one registration in one of the visitor-tournaments available.

Q: Does the competitor / visitor ticket guarantees my participation in a visitor-tournament?

A: No. Registration in the visitor-tournaments is on a “first come, first served” basis. The competitor / visitor ticket allows you to register in a tournament as long as there are still player slots available.

Q: If I have a competitor / visitor ticket, can I participate in the Pro tournaments as well?

A: No. The competitor / visitor ticket only grants access to the visitor-tournaments.