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  1. Registrations are open to any player, as long as there are available slots (128), through the purchase of a HearthStone Player Ticket.
  2. A player needs only one ticket in order to participate. Multiple tickets will not offer multiple registrations in the competition.
  3. Players will have to attend the event at Sala Polivalentă in Bucharest, Romania, in order to participate in the tournament.


  1. All matches will be played on the European servers.
  2. Each player will use his own account during the tournament. The organizers will not provide tournament participants with accounts.
  3. Bracket seeding will be random.
  4. Players need to be in the tournament area at least 60 minutes prior to the designated match start time.
  5. Matches in the preliminary rounds will be played in a Best of 3 format. The Grand Final will be played as a Best of 5.
  6. Players have to choose 3 heroes out of the nine available and construct a deck for each (3 decks in total).
  7. Once the decks are built, players have time until April 22nd to send the following information to :
    • Full name.
    • HearthStone Player Ticket unique serial number, located above the barcode (Seria CGO Nr. XXXXX)
    • Nickname.
    • BattleTag.
    • Screenshots with the deck composition.
  8. The deck composition cannot be changed once the information is sent to the tournament organizers.
  9. Players who try to make adjustments to their decks during the tournament will be disqualified.
  10. Before the start of each round of matches (best of 3 for the preliminaries, best of 5 for the Grand Final), players must choose the hero they will start with.
  11. After losing, the defeated player must discard the used deck until the end of the round. The winning player will continue to use the deck until the first loss.
  12. If during the deciding match of a set (general score of 1-1 in the preliminaries or 2-2 in the Final), both players lose (ex: both heroes have 2 HP each and one player uses Hellfire), the match will be remade using the last valid deck available for each player.
    • For the other possible scores in a set (0-0, 1-0, 0-1, etc), if both players lose a match according to the situationa described above, the general score for the set will be unchanged, but the decks used in that particular match will be removed for the remaining set.
  13. For the duration of the tournament, all players are required to have on their accounts only the three decks registered with the organizers.


  1. We reserve the right to modify the rules at any time. This includes changes due to software updates or releases, and any other change deemed necessary by the DreamHack Bucharest Admin team.
  2. Any last-minute changes to the rules presented above will be discussed and explained to participating teams by the Admin staff and will also be announced on the DreamHack Bucharest website as quickly as possible.
  3. In a situation where an Admin has to make a judgment call, the only interpretation which matters is that of the Admin. The rules listed above are in place to ensure fair and competitive play, and they will be enforced based on the spirit of the game, not the letter of the ruleset.