secret shop
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Alongside the official tournaments where some of the best pro-players in the world will be attending, the spectator-only competitions and partner raffles, DreamHack Bucharest 2014 visitors will also get the chance to purchase their favorit DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive merchandise through the Secret Shop.

Below you will find the list of products which will be available:

DOTA 2 merch Shop

  • Brewmaster T-shirt
    Item: Lockless Luckbox
  • Batrider T-shirt Item: The Dreaded Forgewing
  • Emblem knit cap
  • Kunkka T-shirt
    Item: BladeBiter
  • Juggernaut T-shirt Item: Dragon Sword
  • Puck womens T-shirt
    Item: Aether-Wing
  • Puck mens T-shirt
    Item: Aether-Wing
  • Chaos Knight T-shirt
    4 In-game items: Entropic Axe, Entropic Shield, Entropic Helmet, Entropic Shoulders
  • Wizard&Donkey T-shirt
    Item: Dolfrat & Roshinante
  • Tide Hunter T-shirt
    Item: Recluse Reef Denizen
  • Drow Ranger T-shirt
    Item: Bow of the Howling Wind
  • Axe T-shirt
    Item: Wyvernguard Edge
  • DOTA 2 emblem T-shirt

Dota 2 Emblem Knit Cap

Microplush Blindbox – last lot


Team Fortress 2 merch Shop

  • TF2 Blue team T-shirt
  • TF2 Red team T-shirt

Counter Strike: Global Offensive merch Shop

  • CS:GO pliars T-shirt
  • CS:GO loser/winner T-shirt
  • CS:GO cap