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Although Dota 2 encourages teamwork, sometimes you want to prove that you can strike gold on your own. Sometimes, you want to make a statement and remind every potential enemy out there that they should tremble in their chairs when you connect to a match.

What’s the easiest way to do that? Winning a 1v1 tournament at DreamHack Bucharest would be a good start.

Because here it’s life or death, with no excuses and nobody to blame your failures on. “I was constantly ganked, my support didn’t stun in time, I lagged out“… fairy tales.

It’s just you, your opponent and a whole lot of ego between the two of you. And only one will come out on top!

About the tournament:

  • Format: single-elimination, best of 3
  • Max. number of players / tournament: 32
  • Match-up: Puck vs. Queen of Pain
  • Victory conditions: first-blood or the first tower destroyed

Buy your competitor / visitor ticket and show the world that you’re the best there is!