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Like other MOBA titles, League of Legends puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork. It’s just that sometimes you feel like doing the enemy team a favor and shooting your allies yourself.

They push your minion wave, die in the jungle to some wolf, then there’s the top lane crying about not getting any ganks… horror.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were on your own, locked in a “fair” fight with just one enemy who made the mistake of thinking that he (or she) can take you down?

The DreamHack Bucharest 1v1 tournaments can give you this opportunity, with prizes to match the egos in play. Be careful though. This time around, if you lose, there won’t be anyone to blame but yourself!

About the tournaments:

  • Format: single-elimination, best of 1
  • Max. number of players per tournament: 32
  • Map: Howling Abyss
  • Winning conditions: first-blood or the first tower destroyed

Buy your competitor / visitor ticket and prove to the world that you’re the best!